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HS Code: 8119000

Origin: Vietnam

Size: 10 x 10mm, 15 x 15mm, 20x 20.0mm

Detail:  100% fresh dragon fruit, cube or ball shape

Packing: 100gr

Shelf life: 12 months


     IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) can be known as the popular and advanced technology, and process the fresh fruit after harvesting. Moreover, IQF freezes the fruits directly in the short time.  

     The main principle of frozen fruits basing on the IQF method is to cut the fruits into small portions and freeze it at -50 C until the products reach the temperature at - 18 C. The products will be packaged and stored at -18 C

     The quality and the nutrition of the products will be the same after applying IQF. In addition, after defrosting the product doesn’t get wet or flaky. 

     The IQF freezing method reduces the loss 3-4 times compared to the normal freezing method. 

     The product is cooled rapidly so the ice crystals are very small and weak will not tear the cell membrane and when defrosted the product will not get wet or flaky.Ensure the integrity of fresh food.

     The product after defrosting can be used as soon as normal fresh food.

     Nutritional Content and Benefits of Frozen Foods

     Nutritional content of products such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes are almost kept intact.

     Product storage time is much longer than the preservation of fresh food.

     Interesting information around Frozen Foods

     IQF freezing time is very fast for only 3-10 minutes (equal to 1/60 of the normal freezing time)